Offering a Different Social Experience for Schools

Pingster Offers Colleges and Universities a Different Social Media Experience

Schools using Pingster

Pingster Offers a Distinct User Experience that Differs from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

  • Pingster offers colleges and universities a different social media user experience than Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Pingster’s goal is to change the existing social media paradigm by connecting everyone, giving all equal influence, eliminating the popularity contest and the algorithms. With Pingster it’s about building a community based on “GPS Power” and not “Star Power”.
  • Pingster is a GPS, navigation mobile app that uses photosharing to connect people to visual experiences. Every place in the world has a story. Pingster® is a Non-Stop connection to YOUR Image Stories. Pingster is like the fusion of Instagram, Google Search and Google Maps all in one.
  • There are lots of ways to walk down a street to a destination or location. Pingster’s mission is to make the walk easier and more engaging. Pingster’s unique value proposition is that it connects users to images using GPS navigation, in a one step, solution. You do not have to leave the app to create the physical connection.
  • I recently did an analysis of a local university to highlight the difference between the leading social media venues they were using and how adding Pingster into the social mix could make their student experience more engaging for their social media posts and tweets.

Universities use Facebook to list their School Events

The Facebook event feature delivers a viewer experience mostly in text and gives a generic GPS locator. Universities typically have a large geographic campus footprint. Students interested in an event will require an extra step to leave the Facebook app to make the physical GPS connection to the actual event location. It also does not provide visual images that can create the interest for the event. Posting event images on Pingster contain the actual event’s GPS coordinates, so students have both a visual image to create the desire with a direct link that automatically navigates them to the event itself.

Schools using Pingster

Universities use Twitter to offer inspirational tweets, event tweets and student interactive hashtag tweets.

Schools using Pingster

Like Facebook, Twitter does not offer a direct GPS connection to tweets, in real time. On Pingster schools can posts upcoming events and students can post images ( such as a study group, or a great meal at the dining hall, etc.), that will automatically connect to other nearby student’s mobile devices, using GPS as the conduit for creating the connection in real time.

Universities use of Instagram to promote the Locations of Activities and Events

Schools using Pingster

Instagram’s photosharing advance search feature for locations or places is fairly weak and offers only a listing in text. It is harder to discover what you want when you are looking at text verses when you are looking at a visual image or video. Today’s society calls for visual engagement. Pingster automatically connects you to images (visual experiences) that are near your mobile device. Offering you the ability to make the connection visually and not only thru a text description. With Pingster we are trying to help you to discover what you want by offering you a visual experience to create the desire and then the GPS coordinates to make the direct connection.

We are looking for colleges and universities to run pilot programs within their schools. What a great marketing tool and bragging rights, when Pingster becomes the next thing in photosharing and your college or university was one of the first schools to try it out. If you want to become part of the Pingster pilot program team, please contact us at

Nancy Shone

Forbes Under 30 Summit

Pingster takes Forbes Under 30 Summit by Storm

Pingster Image Feeds

3 Full Action Packed Days of Entrepreneurs, Investors and Knowledge

Pingster Image Feeds

Pingster attended the recent Forbes Under 30 Summit event held in Boston, MA. We were selected as one of 50 new startups to be featured at the event held on September 30th-Oct 3. This Forbes Live Event definitely lived up to its reputation by leveraging the unique access to the world’s most influential leaders, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, and artists.

Jason Kraus, Founder of Prepare 4 VC and myself talked up a storm and gave out 100s of Pingster Business cards. We meet a lot of nice highly motivated people some already very successful business men and women and hopefully many new next generation leading entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Don’t Just See It. Ping It! ©

Pingster is a revolutionary photosharing GPS navigation mobile web app that connects your mobile device to nearby geotagged images uploaded by other users. Every place in the world has a story. See, Click and Explore all these images around you. Pingster® is your Non-Stop connection to these image stories.

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Feel free to contact us with any questions. Current Apple IOS version 1.4 is available in the Apple Store.

Changing Today's Social Media Paradigm

Pingster Image Feeds

Pingster - Photosharing, GPS Navigation Mobile Application

Pingster Image Feeds

Pingster will Take The Edge off of Social Media

Pingster is a new social networking community promising to be a game changer in the social media Internet space by providing an alternative and dramatic shift to the existing social media paradigm. Pingster is like the fusion of both Instagram and Google Maps, combined into one (non-stop connection). Pingster will have a positive affect both socially and economically for users throughout the world.

Currently, social media is all about Followers, Influencers and "Star-Power". How frightening it has become to see the youth of today, so hung up on the social pressures associated with Instant Gratification, Likes and Favorites. Constantly, connected and aware of what followers are noticing and saying about their uploaded images and videos.

Pingster alleviates this social media addiction, while still providing a social media community that can positively affect both social and economic behavior for users throughout the world.

How is Pingster Different than other Social Media Channels

  • No more need for followers. Everyone is connected to the world around them.
  • Pingster eliminates the popularity contest. With Pingster there are no algorithms, and everyone is equal.
  • Pingster’s proprietary technology connects people using “GPS Power” rather than “Human Star Power”.
  • In the days of heightened privacy awareness, Pingster does not record nor share your personal location, but rather only connects your cell phone to photos that were taken nearby.
  • Uploading media on Pingster enables "Your Images"   not   "You" ;   (To be Seen, Liked and Favorited by Everyone.)
  • With an unlimited number of potential likes, always anonymous, and no stigma attached .
  • With Pingster, It’s all about being at the right place at the right time and snapping that image that creates impact.
  • Be as Public or as Private as you want on Pingster.
  • With Social Enable you can be a silent contributor in a social networking community without having to be in the spot light. Social Enable disables all commenting and chatting for your social footprint in our social community. Now, anyone can share their special moments and favorite places without having to participate in the social experience. This feature is for those people who shy away from social media due to the exposure that it causes.
  • Scrapbook your visual experiences (images and videos) with Pingster, so you don’t forget those special memories and at the same time share them with the world.
  • Virtual Scrapbooking your media on Pingster is better than your mobile phone's gallery because you are adding both the location and a description to help make the image more memorable.
  • Checking-In and recording the location where the media was taken has never been so easy. Pingster will display nearby known geo-tagged places and offer you the option to enter your own custom location.
  • Swipe Left to customize your home feed images. Delete those other user images, you no longer want to see. Images removed by you, will still be available to other Pingster users allowing them to connect to those nearby visual experiences for themselves.

Thank you for your patience as we bring Pingster to life and get it stabilized. If you like Pingster please rate us on Apple Store. If you want us to grow, tell all your friends to download and start using the app. The more user’s we get the faster we can grow this amazing tool. Pingster will be available for IPAD end of September and for Andriod by the end of the year.

Don’t Just See It. Ping It! ©

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Feel free to contact us with any questions. We are in the process of releasing version app 1.2 in the Apple Store, available hopefully during week Aug 20.

Join the Pingster®️ Revolution

Every Place in the World has a Story. Experience those Stories with Pingster®️


About 5 Billion people have mobile phones and of these 2 Billion use Social Media on them daily. That’s a lot of people! Nothing captures the essence and mood of a location better than a picture. And when you share some quality time with your friends and family via pictures then "Pingster" is the mobile app for you. Pingster is a brand new social photosharing application which is currently launched in the social media marketplace and available in the App Store for iOS .

What is Pingster?

Pingster is an easy-to-use mobile application with the main feature being:

  • Pingster merges the Visual Image with a Pin-Point Geo-Location. (think of INSTAGRAM combined with Google Maps)
  • Every spot in the world has a story. Pingster is a GPS based mobile app that navigates people to those stories.
  • The idea is to share those special places, activities, nature, food, anything that you think others would like to see, experience, and even visit.
  • Pingster connects social mobile consumers to brick and mortar retail, food, entertainment, ANY establishment or event with an image that will incentivize.
  • “Wow that image looks amazing! I want to go there”. Whether you are in your neighborhood at home or looking up activities on vacation, Pingster connects you to the photos you love AND the locations of those photos.
  • In the days of heightened privacy awareness, Pingster does not record nor share your personal location but rather only connects your cell phone to nearby images.
  • Pingster®️ stores an image with its location in the Pingster cloud®️ and never a user’s location. After you take the picture and walk away you are no longer associated with that location.

Local Businesses Come Participate in Our Promotion

Pingster is seeking out businesses interested in a collaboration to test the app throughout this summer's top season. If you’re a business looking to increase your foot traffic and sales and want to participate in our joint 3-month promotion, contact us. And obviously, the whole promotion process has NO COST TO THE ESTABLISHMENT. Our team will work with you to put the Pingster co-marketing promotion together.

We are excited and proud to announce an early adopter Sharon Pizza Market, a local pizza and sub shop a staple in the Sharon community, located at Sharon Heights Plaza. They will be promoting their daily and weekly discounts thru images in the Pingster app. To see their daily specials all you need to do is open the app and scroll through your home and search image feeds.

Now, all of you cellphone app users out there, pick up your phone and click the button in the Apple store . To Download Pingster®️ – Click Here

Saving Brick and Mortar Businesses

Every Main Street has a least One of These


You’ve previously witnessed the destruction of your downtown area and main streets once already. The Wal-Mart expansion of the 90’s is still a haunting reminder of how vulnerable locally-owned brick and mortar stores are to the winds of change. If you own a physical business today you are probably concerned about your survival in a world that is increasingly less brick and mortar. Sadly, the rise of Amazon and changes to Google and Facebook advertising rules have made it next to impossible for any small businesses to compete for customers, despite having unique, hard-to-find items or in-demand services.

Identifying the Problem

The cost of online advertising has become prohibitive for many brick and mortar shops and many are in danger of closing, yet again. Starting budget recommendations for Google Adwords will run you about a grand to ten thousand dollars a month. If most of us had that in revenue we probably wouldn’t need ads, am I right? The fact is that the growth of online businesses and the proliferation of tech giants into our phones and laptops have also made it more expensive to get noticed. Localization and local SEO has tried to change that, but you’re still talking budgets upwards of $1500 a month to rarely see any results. The problem is that Facebook and Google have a monopoly run on advertising. It’s why Facebook purchased Instagram.

Pingster - Brick and Mortar advertising business model

Providing a Solution

I’ve said this many times when it comes to Pingster, that necessity is the mother of invention. Pingster was the result of my frustration with online visibility and the high cost of advertising. Just like you, my small business had to compete in the digital world. I have witnessed the high cost of advertising first hand and decided to create a more egalitarian solution.

How Pingster Can Help

Your business needs visibility to survive. Specifically, visibility with smartphone users. Pingster is similar to Instagram in that it is a photo-sharing app, but the similarities end there. Instagram is a popularity contest where those with the most followers get their photos viewed and everyone else is resigned to the proverbial loser table in the back of the smartphone cafeteria. That’s okay—the loser table is where all the geniuses hang out. Pingster’s photos are not promoted on the basis of likes or popularity but location.
Pingster is a GPS-based photo-sharing app. People who have Pingster downloaded onto their phone will receive –pings- when they have entered an area with things to see. A reminder to them that, Hey, there’s cool stuff here. They can also search on things to see in a particular location. Photos will appear based on date, time, and physical location. Early adopters of Pingster will receive permanent top slots for their vicinity. What does that mean for you? Lemme tell ya.
Say you are a small hat shop in the downtown area. You can take photos of the hats in your shop and upload them to Pingster. Pingster users passing through will be notified that there is something to see. YOUR HATS. Own a restaurant? How about take photos of your specials of the day? Mechanics can use it to advertise oil change pricing. Libraries can tell the words about special events.
See where I’m going with this? Suddenly, you’re no longer being asked to spend thousands of dollars just to be seen. You are competition based specifically on your location, not your wallet size. We are offering you a tool that can help you achieve your advertising goals without destroying your bottom line.

Download Pingster and upload your future.

May 2 - Latest News on Pingster

Pingster - Coming to the Apple Store mid May 2018

Pingster- Apple Store Screen shots

Pingster goes live as soon as we can get our Dun and Bradstreet development number so we can can launch as Pingster Corporation in the Apple Store.

Pingsters - Time Lapse Photo Generator

Make sure to try out our Time-Lapse Story Generator, by uploading images at specific locations, over a time period. You can experience time-lapse memories by clicking on the Green Bulls-eye to generate a time-lapse image feed, located in the home feed.

Pingster - Time lapse Generator

Using Pingster to Create Time Lapse Stories

Pingster - Time lapse Story

Pingster in not another Instagram

Pingster was designed to share experiences at places that stand out to us. Every spot in the universe has a story. Pingster enables us to share those stories. Winter, spring, summer and fall, over time, this shared visual imagery, turns into time lapse memories.

Unlike other photo sharing apps, Pingster was developed to showcase locations and share with everyone a visual experience. Not just for those people in our own social circle, Pingster does not require followers or hashtags. Just upload your geo-tagged images and they’ll be seen by all who pass by.

Imagine the possibilities!

Pingster - Time lapse Story

Take a photo by an old bridge on your first date. Come back at your first anniversary, at your engagement…or after your wedding. What about sharing photos at the site of your first job or child’s first birthday party? What will that photo mean to you years from now and what will that photo look like to those who are passing by?

As others begin to add their visual experiences into the mix, what impressions will they leave? Together, Pingster users will create stories about their towns and the places they visit: local coffee shops, abandoned churches, a pasture filled with wild flowers, college campuses, exotic beaches, and forgotten train tracks.

When you share on Pingster you are doing more than just uploading pictures and videos. You are sharing your visual experience and allowing others to connect. Designed as a GPS mobile app, Pingster users viewing your personal stories, are in striking distance to your media. Because they are close by, they will feel a sense of connection. Maybe these same users will share their own photos. Together you will weave a beautiful tapestry of shared experiences.

See, Click… Experience

If a Pingster user likes what they see in their image feed, they can click the little GPS man and Pingster will physically take them to exact location where the image was taken. Pingster is not about proving how popular we are but about demonstrating that we all have experiences that we want to share. Whether based on sadness, hope or joy, Pingster allows us to bring these visual memories to the world through our eyes and lens. Check out Pingster at

Why Pingster Photo sharing differs from Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook

Photo Sharing with Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook

There are many photo sharing apps that we use daily, from Instagram to Snapchat. We use these apps to share images that are important in our daily lives to our social circles. Those with large social circles have an advanced reach, they are called “influencers” and their photos are weighted differently than everyone else. There is the downside in today’s popular photo sharing apps and that is regular folks without large followers are rarely seen in feeds outside their own network of immediate friends. If you fall in this category of people who love taking photos but find it hard to get any real traction, then you want to check out Pingster.

Photo Sharing with Pingster

Pingster was designed to be a photo sharing app, not a popularity contest. It is an app that equalizes the influencer experience by giving everyone’s photo the same ability to be seen. On Pingster, photos are not associated with accounts or hashtags. Instead, they are associated with GPS locations that enable them to be shared with other Pingster users. It doesn’t matter if you have 20 friends or 20,000 followers, we are all connected on Pingster. Pingster’s algorithm treats your photo with equal weight. Our app doesn’t just shift photos around a social circle, it connects people all over the world using GPS and geotagged imagery. With Pingster your can SEE IT, CLICK IT, and GO TO IT! You can physically connect to the images that are in your image feeds.

Photo Sharing with the World

Pingster's photo-sharing app serves a different market than Instagram. With Instagram it is a free for all for sharing photos and videos. With Pingster, every spot in the world has a story and the focus is to mark those spots. Pingster targets photo and video locations throughout the world. You will not lose anything by adding Pingster as one of your social channels. It’s a total net gain. Not only will you be able to share your story on Pingster, but with a simple click you can forward it to your Instagram and Facebook timelines. You get a 2 for 1 and expand your reach.

This app was made by people just like you who love taking and sharing photos and we encourage anyone to become a beta tester and help us fill the world with amazing images. Pingster enables users to physically connect to these images on the app. Check out Pingster at

Traveling with Pingster

Most of us on the Pingster team are travel enthusiasts. Without Cloud technology and SIM cards, I’d be lost. I take so many photos while traveling that I sometimes wonder what else I did while on vacation, besides taking pictures. Like most of you, I share my photo memories with friends through Instagram and Facebook. One of the problems, with this type of social media sharing is there is a limit in the reach of your images. The mystery of who sees your images in their timelines has become a sensitive issue, because of the algorithms which make that decision for you. A guaranteed view of your images in these apps, means the extra step of someone having to search your profile directly.

Pingster is a photo sharing mobile app offering a whole new user experience, different than the rest. Pingster connects people to images based solely on the location of their mobile phone and not by followers and algorithms.

Photo Sharing with the World

Social apps promise you access to a world of users, however deliver limited access controlled by the algorithms, “Big Brother “ and ultimately driven by advertising. With Pingster it doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity or student studying Marine Biology, your photos of the ocean and beaches will be on display alongside that of everyone else’s-thus extending your reach and connections to a global level. Your photos of Bermuda or Alaska will sit on the same stream as those photos from the Kardashian’s. That is the power of Pingster.

Advertising with Pingster

There are multiple ways to advertise using Pingster and these opportunities will grow along with the app. Currently, the best way to advertise is simply to download the app and upload your photos. Share the app with others. Tell people to download Pingster. Like any other app, early adopters have advantages to using the platform. Not only will you have more photos on the app to share, but you will uncover new ways of using it that we haven’t even thought of ourselves!

Bringing Mobile Photography to the Next Level

There is a global obsession with mobile photography and photo-sharing. Purely based on statistics alone, we can say that most of us are out there sharing photos through text messages, Facebook, Instagram, and various other social tools. Sharing photos is a way of communicating experiences without writing a long essay. Images are for the most part self-explanatory. Photo sharing apps exist primarily because of the age-old expression, “One picture is worth a thousand words.” We don’t have to tell everyone about our trip to Italy in detail, we can post photos. Thanks to mobile photography we can take photos at any time; capture any moment. Photo sharing is our way of taking those moments and delivering them to the world in a way that defies words.

The Paradox of Instagram

Most of us join social networks to network and grow our reach. Unfortunately, unless you were an early adopter, a huge celebrity, or have a savvy social media team to help you expand that reach chances are you probably aren’t going to get very far on social channels like Instagram or Facebook. The gaining of followers and influence is paradoxical: you get followers by having followers. So what can an Instagram of Facebook newcomer expect? Very little from these channels and that is based on a design that mimics the superficiality of modern life.

But what if you could find a way to share photos with the world, view photos from other people, and grow networks without being rich, beautiful, or popular already?

The Power of Pingster

Pingster is the only photo-sharing channel that creates connections based on location, rather than popularity. That means that anyone can upload a photo with the potential to be seen by everyone in that network. Take a trip to Rome and upload photos at the Coliseum or at the tiny restaurant you got lunch at. Anyone with Pingster on their phone can view those photos simply by walking or driving into the area that the photo was taken or by searching on that particular location. Visit Hawaii and share your day at the beach using Pingster. Other people planning a trip to Hawaii will be able to tap into those photos when looking for their own vacation destination.

What makes Pingster even more exciting is that people who enjoy your photos can reach out and message you to ask about the location or photo. You have now made a new social connection based on nothing more than being in the “right place” at the right time.

Having Fun with Pingster

When we were designing our app, we realized quickly that people would come up with their own ideas on how to use the tool. Here is a partial list of the suggestions people came up with in our team meetings:

  • Instant Advertising-- A restaurant takes photos of the daily special so that everyone on Pingster who comes within the vicinity can view it
  • Scavenger hunts and geocaching-Take pictures of items or locations and upload them. Players must find the items or mimic the pictures based on clues
  • Big Year—Taking photos of the birds associated with your geographical region for the American Birding Association
  • Mardi Gras and other Parades—Share real time live events with the world
  • Send informal messages to the world—take a picture holding a sign and let people know what’s on your mind

There are so many different ways to interact with the app and other users and without the popularity restrictions of Instagram and Facebook and we’re certain our enterprising users will think of more.

The Positivity of Pingster

Lastly, we knew we wanted to find a way to not only develop social connections without the popularity contests of other apps but without the bullying and trolling that seem to go hand-in- hand with social channels. Because Pingster is location-based it is nearly impossible to chase and harass people based off of profiles or hashtags. That means people can feel free to upload photos without the fear of being belittled or critiqued by strangers. We designed our app to avoid those pitfalls, thus making it a safe and enjoyable playground for those who love mobile photography and photo-sharing.